I believe our best days are ahead of us, but we've got work to do.

I want to get government working for us. America is at its best when individuals and private businesses are pursuing life, liberty, and happiness -not when wrapped up in bureaucratic red tape.  It's time to innovate and modernize state government. We cannot accept more of the same tired excuses. I'm fighting to ensure that South Carolina continues to be a friendly place for our military to call home. As a veteran, I know what it means to serve.  I want South Carolina to remain a magnet for our military, our servicemembers, and our veterans.

During his Third tour of duty, Caskey greets a young citizen of Afghanistan.

In 2017, the South Carolina General Assembly passed historic legislation to reverse a decades-long trend of inadequately prioritizing infrastructure.  While an important step, there's more work to do. I'll keep fighting to fix South Carolina's roads and bridges. We have to demand the Department of Transportation delivers a return to the investment South Carolinians are making.  I'll continue working for meaningful reforms that deliver better government.

I am a voice for public safety. In October 2015, when the floods came, our first-responders answered the call. Police officers ran toward the chaos, our firemen performed rescue after rescue, and our EMS teams saved lives. They deserve legislators that will champion their cause.  I'll help ensure we are ready for the unexpected. 

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